Valuation, at AAM all our appraisers are certified and have 20 plus years in their respective fields.

Our Team are not theorists, they understand local and international markets and what drives value. They understand the need for fast,  detailed and accurate appraisal work supported by analysis. Whether it’s a massive power station or the 5 year future residual value of a corporate jet, the AAM Team has the experts and networks to get it right.

Services include:

  • Pre Finance Valuation for Risk Underwriting purposes
  • Residual Valuation, Advice and Analysis, Impairment analysis
  • Insurance Valuation
  • Tax- Accounting, Consolidation, Financial Planning, FAS and Statutory
  • Compliance
  • M&A, Purchase price allocation
  • Litigation support
  • Asset Realization forcasting / Loss provisioning, disposition estimates
  • Inventory, Stock 
  • Receivables / Debtors
  • Enterprise
  • Intellectual - Intangible Property