Realisation Management

AAM have developed an On-Line Tender process that consistently produces 15-70% Sale Price Premiums over what would have been achieved by EOI or Auction. Our focus is on high value and specialized asset sales, often with global secondary markets. AAM’s results speak from themselves. Contact us to receive our latest Sales and Recovery Data.

When our Corporate clients entrust their valuable assets with AAM, they achieve more because we:

  • Make extra investment in cost effective direct marketing that finds quality end-user Buyers worldwide.
  • Remove barriers to participation, show genuine empathy and put ourselves in the “buyer’s shoes” to solve their real issues.
  • Provide independent expert asset condition reports and rectification quotes.
  • Assist with transport, packing and export requirements.
  • Organise de-commissioning, cleaning and dismantling.
  • Pre-determine the costs of removal and post them on the AAM website.
  • Manage OHS Risks for both the Vendor and the Buyer.
  • Make significant technical information available on AAM’s website.
  • Provide full On-Line Bidding and Data Exchange capability.

Our Bank, Finance and Turnaround clients know that the AAM team have spent their careers in “hands on” recovery work.

We adopt the “No Victim” approach to managing difficult recovery situations. We know that every dollar realized is the same as a $ earned. Unnecessary loss or impairment provisioning creates enormous headaches for our clients. This is why we do our best to get the valuation right and then cost effectively recover every cent for them.

Our Team understand the Insolvency/Default process and related laws/acts. Our unique ability to navigate this space makes us the best people to have on your side.

Services include:

  • Objective and Strategic advice on the best recovery options
  • Market based valuation and recovery analysis
  • Advice on productive marketing strategies and cost effective budgets, channel selection etc
  • Tender and Going Concern Sale Management
  • Project management of large realization assignments including: decommissioning, transport, OHS, export, quarantine, customs and related support services
  • Relocation and secure storage of assets at the best place for sale, not just a convenient depot
  • Where the business and its assets can be saved and sold, we are Licensed Business agents who know the process to achieve the optimum results.