A financial life line to good Australian businesses in Distress

U-turn Capital provides an important range of solutions to preserve value and maintain business operations for good Australian companies who have an urgent need of cash.

We specialize in negotiations with Banks and Financiers for settlement, discharge and Debt forgiveness.

Some of our client’s businesses will require significant restructuring, this may include a Pre-Packaged insolvency arrangement. We understand this process and provide a wide range of support services during the transition.

Our group includes and has direct access to some of Australia’s most experienced technical insolvency experts. This ensures that clients achieve the best outcomes when dealing Administrators, Liquidators and Receivers.

If a company has capital equipment, inventory or equity invested in leased plant, those assets can be readily converted into cash for working capital or financier discharge, whilst still being made available for company use.

Our target deal size is $500K to $5 Million Dollars, larger transactions to $20M will also be considered.

Key benefits of the facility are that real property security is not required and approvals on generic transactions can be provided within 5 business days. Funding and settlements are usually within 14 days of an approval.

U-turn Capital offers a life line to fundamentally good Australian companies and their shareholders, management and employees who have a short-term liquidity crisis. Liquidity issues can be brought about by many of today’s business challenges, including:

  • Loss of a major contract
  • Poor weather delaying completion of work
  • Delays in shipping and delivery of essential items
  • Litigation and the cost to fight
  • Bad debts
  • Partnership or joint venture dissolution
  • Customer failure or late payment
  • Inability to obtain or maintain bridging or traditional finance
  • Appointment of an external insolvency administrator
  • Funding a deed of company arrangement
  • ATO investigation or liability
  • Acquisition funding

Use of U-turn Capital services may help avoid insolvent trading risks and premature insolvency administration.

If you or your client’s company is already in Administration and there is hope, we can look to provide or arrange funding solutions for Deeds of Company Arrangement (DOCA). We want to help good Australasian companies preserve value and jobs.

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